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Learning sight words is such an important part of learning how to read. So make it fun!

There is NO PREP needed.


This packet includes all 46 words on the 2nd Grade list in frequency order. (They are not numbered, so if you prefer doing them in other orders, feel free to do so.)


2nd Grade list in this order: would, very, your, its, around, don't, right, green, their, call, sleep, five, wash, or, before, been, off, cold, tell, work, first, does, goes, write, always, made, gave, us, buy, those, use, fast, pull, both, sit, which, read, why, found, because, best, upon, these, sing, wish, many

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Each page features a single target sight word with the following activities:

1. Read it and Color it Students will read the specified sight word aloud and color it in. This will help them build connections between the spoken and written word and pay attention to each letter.

2. Trace it Students will trace the specified sight word three times. This will help them practice good penmanship.

3. Find it Students will find the specified sight word in a group of 12 sight words. This will help them practice and recognize the specified sight word. (They will also get to review the previous sight words at the same time.)

4. Fill in the missing letters Students will solve and fill in the missing letters. This will help them remember the spelling of the sight word.

5. Complete the Sentences Students will write the specified sight word in the gap and read the sentence with the sight word. All of the sentences are designed to only include sight words that they have learned before (Dolch list) and simple phonetic (mostly cvc) words. This will help them with reading fluency and writing.

6. Build it Students will cut and glue letters in the provided boxes to correctly build the given sight word. This will help them consolidate their memory of the sight word and practice their motor skills.

Dolch Sight Word Worksheet No-PREP Packet (2nd Grade)

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