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6 Useful Tips For Teaching Your Kids To Read At Home

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

You have decided to homeschool your kids but don't know where to start?

I feel you! Most of us don't think about the process of learning how to read until we have to teach the little ones ourselves.

The good news is, although it might seem overwhelming to have to teach your children how to read, it is NOT THAT HARD and it can be very rewarding! 😃

Here are 6 tips for you to try:

1. Start with songs!

Kids love to sing and dance! Here's a great song I found on YouTube to get your child familiar with the letter sounds.

I also came up with a letter dance, which made memorizing the letter sounds even easier for my kids.

Try to come up with your own unique letter dance to dance with your child!

2. Make good use of flashcards!

I don't mean just showing them flashcards! Make flashcards so you can play plenty of flashcard games with your child!

I have made a set of mini phoneme flashcards to help you with this one.

It's completely FREE!

Just download it, print it and use it to help your child learn and review!

I have also included a clear teaching sequence, follow it and save yourself the headache!


Who doesn't like games!? Games will make teaching/learning so much more fun for you and your child! Playing games is a great way to practice and apply what your little ones have learned!

If you need ideas for specific games to play with your child, I have written a detailed post on games I've played with my kids, which have been proven to be effective. Check it out!

4. Sight words are also important!

I'm a big fan of phonics, and as a teacher who specializes in teaching phonics, I have to tell you that phonics isn't the solution to everything. That's why as a phonics teacher, I have to teach sight words, too!

Besides playing games↑, engaging worksheets are also great for consolidating what they have learned. All of our worksheets were designed with young beginner readers in mind, don't be afraid to use them!

5. Read together and ask questions!

This one might seem self-explanatory, but it is extremely important that your kids can comprehend what they read!

Set a time to read together everyday. In the beginning stage, help them with long words and have them blend simple CVC words and read the sight words that they have learned. Ask them questions to make sure that their comprehension is there!

Don't forget to choose level appropriate books! Trust me, when your child realizes that they can read some of the words in the book by themselves, it motivates them to try even harder!

6. We love rewards!

When I say rewards, I don't mean giving them treats for reading a word. I mean a reward system and positive reinforcement.

My kids have star charts, when we are having lessons, I give them points for paying attention, for following instructions and for trying. I also take away points for negative behaviors.

These points can then be converted to stars, and eventually to rewards. You and your child can set different rewards for different amount of stars. This will motivate them to try hard and stop you from going crazy, if you know what I mean😉.

🎉 Have fun teaching!! 🎊 😄 📖 📚

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