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5 Tried & Tested Games to Help Your Child Excel at Reading

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

"I don't want to learn!"

" I don't want to have class! "

"It's boring!"

"I want to play!"

Does that sound familiar? If it does, I am here to help!

The simple answer to this is... GAMES, GAMES, GAMES! I can't stress this enough!

The sitting down and memorizing method of learning is outdated and ineffective!

In this post, I will show you 5 specific games I've played with more than 100 kids to help them in their phonics learning journey. Here we go!


This game is so simple and fun! You can also have your child walk around the table (even play music in the background) if moving/music helps them learn!


This is one of the most requested games in my classroom. The kids have so much fun building the tower and cleaning up the cups after the tower falls.

Here are some ideas on how your child can build their cup tower:


Kids LOVE moving around, this is a great game that lets them to hop around and get rid of some of that extra energy. 😜

The rock paper scissors part makes the game more competitive and fun, but if you only have one kid, and you prefer not to participate, you can also reward them with points if they manage to cross the river.

You can read about the point system in this post.


This is a perfect concentration game, my kids always feel so proud when they could figure out the missing word!


This game could be played many ways.

If you have a nice yard, put the flashcards there! You child can enjoy the change of environment and have a nice run and learn session!

If your child has a lot of physical activities on that day, switch it up and give them a sticky ball or bean bag to hit the flashcards with.

So that's it! Before I end this post, I want to give you 2 more tips:

1. Make sure your child blends and reads every word EVERY SINGLE TIME.

This will help them practice blending and make them stronger readers!

2. LOTS OF positive reinforcement.

Whether it's a point system or just verbal encouragement, this will encourage your child to try harder and enjoy the process.

Have fun playing with your kid!!

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